• When renting a car in Orlando, if you wish to travel a lot and plan on using the toll roads, consider getting the ‘Visitor Toll Pass.  Using this pass can reduce your toll costs.  It is the smart alternative to costly rental car toll programs. The tolls are paid electronically while traveling on any toll road throughout Florida. It is accepted at all electronic toll collection points, allowing you to travel nonstop without fumbling for cash. Plus, you will pay a reduced toll rate — with no additional fees or charges.It can be reserved before you travel and picked up at the Visitor Toll Pass counter on the rental car level at the airport.It works in all electronic express lanes were you see E-PASS, SunPass or LeeWay.

    On your return to the airport remove the pass and drip it in to the returns dropboxes or at the airport counter.  You will be billed by them within 3 days of the conclusion of your trip.


  • Look out for the discount vouchers. They can be found in shops and restaurants such as the Golden Corral, throughout Florida.
  • Throughout the year there can be various free activities for kids (both young and old). Such as the Jacksonville Maritime Museum, and chocolate factory tours in Daytona Beach!  Yum!
    My Disney Experience App
    If you have booked ‘Disney tickets’, you will be able to use the My Disney Experience app a minimum of 30 days in advance, to start booking exciting theme park experiences.The app lets you make up to 3 FastPass+ reservations per park, per day, and this includes character meet and greets and ride reservations.

    You can also browse restaurant menus and make reservations online. This is strongly recommended for popular restaurants like Cinderella’s Royal Table- a restaurant located inside Cinderella’s iconic castle!The GPS enabled maps also help you to navigate your way through the park and locate character greeting spots. You can even preview your PhotoPass pictures on your device throughout your holiday. The Disney parks have free Wi-Fi so you can check your plan, add to it, or make any changes when you’re in the park.

    Universal Orlando Resort App
    If visiting the ‘Universal Orlando Resort’, this app is an absolute must. One of the handiest features, is that you can see the waiting time for the rides in real time. The Universal parks are famous for their thrilling rides, which can often mean long queues. To make sure you avoid them, you can use the app to set alerts when the wait time reaches 5 minutes or less! You can even set reminders for shows, so that you won’t miss out.The app has detailed maps of each Universal park, showing you exactly where everything is. The filters make it easy for you to find the rides and attractions that are perfect for you. You’ll even get park notifications, telling you everything you need to know, and you can get live updates by using the app with the free Wi-Fi throughout the parks.

    The SeaWorld Discovery App
    If you plan on going to ‘SeaWorld’, then the SeaWorld Discovery App lets you “put the park in your pocket” and is a great tool to help you plan your visit. As well as basic information like opening times, there are lots of handy features you can use. Navigate your way through the park like a pro with the interactive map, with highlighted paths to help you find your destination. There’s even an amazing car finder feature, for when you leave the park and have forgotten where you’ve parked!

    That’s not all though, you’ll be able to find out detailed information about SeaWorld’s incredible animals, as well as locations where you can connect with them. You can also monitor the waiting time for the park’s biggest rides (like Mako and Kraken), with live updates throughout the day. Make sure you take plenty of selfies with the fun photo frames too!

    The Random Ride Picker App
    For something fun, try the Random Ride Picker app. This app isn’t just for Orlando, as it has over 70 different theme parks around the world to choose from. You’ll be pleased to know, that the Disney, Universal and SeaWorld parks are all included! Using the app is easy, you simply have to select which park you’re at and shake your phone to reveal a ride suggestion. So, if you’re up for a challenge, let the random ride picker seal your fate. Be warned though, you could end up on one of Orlando’s most terrifying roller coasters!

    Weather Pro
    The weather is an important factor on any holiday, so it’s a good idea to download a weather app before you go. WeatherPro Free offers a 7-day forecast, with data in 3 hour periods, for up to 3 days ahead. Wind, precipitation and temperature information is also provided, so you’ll know whether to pack the sun cream or a coat. While Orlando is generally hot, the weather can be unpredictable, so it’s worth having an app to keep you up to date when you’re on the go.

    Lots to do in line
    When visiting the Orlando theme parks you can expect to wait in line for some time, for the most popular rides. There are plenty of apps that can keep you entertained while you wait. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through your phone in the line, you can use your device to join in a fun game with the rest of your group. The ‘Lots to do in Line: Walt Disney World Edition’ is a great app. With over 180 trivia questions, 16 treasure hunts and 200 items to find, the time will fly by. You don’t have to be an expert to play either, as the answers can often be found hidden around you in the queue area.

    If you want to answer even more questions you can upgrade the app, although there is a charge. It’s worth looking at similar apps, as there are so many to choose from, including SeaWorld’s Antarctica App which lets you learn all about Antarctica and its penguin inhabitants.

  • Consider visiting one of the smaller parks first and work your way up to the bigger ones.  This means each day will get more exciting!
  • Bring a picnic to the parks. You might have to leave this in the car and come back to it at intervals. Some parks have stopped you from bringing food in to them
  • If you can at all, go to the parks when the kids are not on school holidays.
  • Besides seasonal considerations, certain days of the week are slower at the theme parks, usually Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • Pre-purchase Park tickets if possible.  It works out much cheaper and saves time queuing to get in to the parks.
  • Ride lines often slack off towards late afternoon, so save the big attractions you missed in the morning for later.
  • Use FASTPASS+ where you can reserve a time for select attractions and character meetings before you arrive at the parks.  Even up to 30 days before you travel.
  • If queues are long and you are willing to split your group, opt for single rider lines.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and quick-drying clothes to the parks.