Your adventure begins in Treasure Bay as guests of the 10th Annual Governor’s Gala. An unimaginable discovery has been made. The last decedent of a fabled Gypsy tribe. The Golden Gypsy is said to hold the key to a legendary treasure guarded by a fierce and magnificent Sea Dragon.

A band of renegade pirates led by the infamous Captain Sebastian the Black invade the Gala and shanghai Princess Anita, along with the Golden Gypsy. The Captain’s evil plot is to utilise the Princess as a royal sacrifice to obtain the famous treasure. Will Sebastian’s plan be successful? Who will save Princess Anita and The Golden Gypsy from Sebastian and his crew?

Come along as captives of Sebastian to the Secret Cave and witness how the story unfolds. Enjoy a ‘final meal’ and even have the opportunity to participate in the action while the story continues

Behold amazing swordplay, aerial artistry and acrobatics while enjoying your feast. The action is set aboard an 18th century Spanish Galleon adrift in a 3000,000 gallon lagoon. Action, romance and adventure await you.